Mindy Kaling calls herself the original Chewbacca mom and omigod she’s totally right!

Chewbacca mom is probably the craziest social media phenomenon of 2016. A woman put on a Chewbacca mask, had a cool laugh, made people smile, and then made a ton of money. But why am I explaining this to you, everyone knows and loves Chewbacca mom!

However, today, we saw an IG post that made us say, “huh?”

Yes, that is Mindy Kaling. Yes, that is Mindy pointing to a chewbacca mask. Yes, that is Mindy calling herself the “original chewbacca mom.”

But like, is she though?

We did some Internet sleuthhing (read: googling) and discovered that OMG, Mindy Kaling low-key IS the OG chewbacca mom.

This was Mindy’s Christmas card this year. She and her assistant dressed up as Chewbaccas (Chewbacci?) and posted this out for the holidays. That’s Mindy the big Chewie and that’s her assistant with the pacifer. Technically, this DOES make Mindy the original Chewbacca “mom.”

All respect to Mindy Kaling, the original Chewbacca mom.

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