Attention everyone: Mindy Kaling is looking for a new BFF

This past week, Mindy Kaling was at BookCon in New York City to talk about her new book “Why Not Me?” (out September 29th, yes, we’re counting the milliseconds) and her new-new book that she’s writing with her best bud B.J. Novak about their complicated friendship (which she described at BookCon as “weird as hell”).

But the big takeaway from Mindy’s appearance at BookCon, as Buzzfeed reports, is that she’s looking for a new bestie. This is not a drill, Mindy Kaling is on the market for a new BFF.

“The only thing I want to do in the next five years is make a new good friend,” she told the crowd she spoke to, and we imagine seconds later she was inundated with potential bestie headshots and resumes.

We think the goal to make a great new friend should be part of every five year plan. Besides, in Kaling’s case, professionally, girl has got it pretty made. She has her own TV show (that just made the move from Fox to Hulu), she’s got two books in the pipeline we know are going to be as whoa-huge as “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?” if not probably way more whoa-huge, she’s a voice in the next Pixar movie for crying out loud! A fancy life is great and all, but we love that the next item on MK’s checklist is “a new good friend.”

During her talk, Kaling got a little more specific re: her grand and epic quest for friendship.

As much as she loves her buds on “The Mindy Project,” she really wants someone she can gripe about work with. She can’t complain about the long TMP hours because, as she points out, if she does her co-workers would “…just say ‘well you set the hours!’”

She also talked about the difficulties of finding a great friend in LA.

“In general, when you’re in LA, the only people you meet are like, at your spin class, and you have to wonder – if a woman is going to seek you out at spin class what their motivations are, but if you’re desperate for female friendship, as I am, that you’re like ‘okay, this isn’t a weird situation!’”

For her, finding a great new friend at this point in time is more important than finding romance.

“It’s hard when you’re an adult woman, because for the most part, people are more focused on finding their romantic mate, but I’ve found in the past four years that I’ve wanted a female friend so much more. It’s much harder to find someone that you like, wanna talk to, than it is to find a man you wanna sleep with.”

And Mindy Kaling isn’t the only on the lookout for a BFF for herself, she’s also searching for a bestie for her fictional counterpart Mindy Lahiri

“Nothing would make me happier than finding someone for [Mindy Lahiri to be friends with]: a great, and worthy, and funny person for me to sit across from and talk about my problems with. I think that it’s important and I hope we can do it this season. The writers’ room is starting up on Monday and this is basically what we’ll be thinking about.”

We’re looking forward to seeing who Mindy ends up being besties with on “The Mindy Project” and we’re kind of hoping WE end up being Mindy’s “new good friends” IRL.


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