Mindy Kaling just got super honest about her thoughts on baking

Celebrities that cook isn’t exactly a new thing. Chrissy Teigen just came out with a cookbook Cravings, and Lauren Conrad and Gwyneth Paltrow have built entire empires on the food and lifestyle industry. Even Snoop Dogg has dabbled in the kitchen on Martha (making brownies, no less).

While we love Mindy Kaling for many things, her cooking prowess isn’t exactly the highest ranking. It appears that’s for a good reason: Much like us, Mindy Kaling has mixed thoughts on the topic of baking.

On July 4th, Mindy posted a photo of some carrot pecan muffins that she baked. It appears she doesn’t make them often, because she writes: “I did not enjoy it but I did not hate it. They are pretty good.”

What we do love about Mindy is her amazing honesty: Baking always sounds like a great idea, until you’re elbows deep in a sink full of dishes or you overcook an entire sheet of cookies. But we’re glad to hear that her healthy holiday-weekend treats turned out well!

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