Mindy Kaling wore a dress with a holographic sparkly accent and we cannot look away

To celebrate being wrapped on filming season 5 of The Mindy Project, style goddess Mindy Kaling wore a bright, bold dress that we are seriously obsessed with. While we already knew the writer and comedic genius had impeccable style, she seriously outdid herself with this dress choice.

The bright yellow color would have been bold enough to enjoy on its own. But, like the fashionista she is, she gave us even more to love.

The chest of her dress had a large, holographic accent that sparkled so much in the light, it was like you were actually looking at the stars (and not just, you know, star).

Mindy kept her hair simple (and perfect) to bring even more attention to all the amazingness happening on her dress.

It even has a slight black collar around to the top to make it feel even more fashionable and feminine. 

Well aware of her stunning style choice, she even joked about how sparkly her dress was in one of her posts.

She wrote, "When your own dress strobes your face."

Leave it to Mindy to poke fun at herself while also looking beyond gorgeous in the process.

She paired her delightful dress with heels that had a little poof on top of them because of course she did.

We are so happy the talented entertainer took some time out from filming the new Ocean’s Eleven movie to celebrate her TV show’s major accomplishment. And, as usual, we ~love~ her outfit choice!

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