Mindy Kaling personally confirmed the sex of her baby

We were happy when we heard that Mindy Kaling was having a baby, but there were so many people around her sharing her good news that it was a little hard to sort the hype from the facts. It’s always best to hear these things from the source, right? Well, fans, you’re in luck, because Mindy Kaling has personally confirmed the sex of her baby and it’s going to be a little girl!

On an appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Kaling said she wanted to know the sex of her baby "way early," saying, "I am not waiting. I’m having a girl.

And Kaling’s not even mad that all of her friends and coworkers didn’t keep the news to themselves — she gets it. It’s exciting.

Oprah Winfrey first spilled the beans about her pregnancy on the red carpet for A Wrinkle in Time. Kaling spoke to Ellen Degeneres about that moment:

"If anyone is going to announce big news about your private life, Oprah Winfrey is the person. You can’t complain that much about it," she said. "And you also can’t be like, ‘Hey, Oprah, zip it’ — because she’s almost like a religious figure. So if there’s one person I have to tell my daughter about that revealed her existence to the world, Oprah is pretty good.


Kaling confirmed her pregnancy in August, and since then, info has been trickling in from non-Kaling sources. In September, her Mindy Project costar, Ed Weeks told HelloGigglesthat she gathered the entire cast to tell them about her pregnancy on set. Weeks said, “She kind of took us aside on set, weirdly in the open-office area where we film most of our scenes.”


She said, ‘Guys, I want you to know, I’m pregnant. I haven’t told anybody.’” Weeks also pointed to the sex of the baby, saying it was touching to know that Kaling started the Mindy Project just after losing her mother, and will be ending the show this year by becoming a mother to a daughter herself.

We can’t wait to meet Mindy’s mini-me when she arrives, and hopefully for the next big news drop, Kaling will be the one to break the story.

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