Mindy Kaling’s Halloween costume is hilarious perfection

Given that today is the best/spookiest day of the year, amazingly creative Halloween costumes are popping up pretty much everywhere. Looking for last minute costume inspiration? Welcome!

One of the celebs who’s gone all out this year is Mindy Kaling, who stepped out dressed as Sully Sullenberger (recently portrayed by Tom Hanks in the movie Sully).

Now there are many Halloween costumes taking over the internet (including some makeup only ideas that are gorgeous btws), but we just love how Kaling didn’t go for the obvious choice. And her costume is actually super simple when you break it down, meaning it could definitely be recreated by YOU!

"Just a girl, dressed up as Tom Hanks as Sully Sullenberger III from the film "Sully", avoiding doing her work. This expression is "Those better not be birds." 📸@yo_its_hmo."

Hold up! It gets even better.

"TBH it's more like I'm playing Kenan Thompson playing Tom Hanks as Sully."

It’s funny because…it’s kinda 100% accurate.


We can always trust Kaling to give us a healthy dose of inspiration (and laughter), whether she’s donning a costume for fun, or opening up about all of her feels.

And if you haven’t figured out your Halloween costume yet, maybe she just helped you narrow down the options. Happy Halloween!

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