Mindy Kaling just got the most incredible gift from a “Mindy Project” intern

For most people, when they think of getting gifts for their boss, they probably think along the flowers/candy/Starbucks gift card line: something simple that will show the recipient that not only do you care, but you appreciate their sugared and/or caffeinated state.

Not the case with at least one person who works for our favorite TV funny lady, Mindy Kaling.

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On Friday, The Mindy Project creator took to Instagram to share an incredible gift she received from an intern that Wayne Szalinski would be proud of: a dollhouse version of the office occupied by Mindy’s character Mindy Lahiri, made by D. Thomas Fine Miniatures.

“Okay, this is insanely cool. Our beloved #themindyproject intern, Rebecca (@rshaww) is finishing her internship and gave me this most amazing goodbye gift,” Mindy wrote next to a split-screen shot of her actual set office on top of the too-accurate-for-words tiny replica. “Rebecca you are my angel!!! ??❤️?? now I just need to add sour straw sugar to the floor!”

“My gift to Rebecca will be a fake ID to buy beer JKJKJKJK,” she adds, because no Mindy Kaling social-media post is complete without a from-left-field joke.

The fact that Mindy is (obviously) the best boss ever isn’t news to us. And come to think of it, neither is the fact that such a unique gift would come from the mind of someone who’s cool and capable enough to work for/with Mindy Freaking Kaling.

Now to figure out how I can subtly drop hints to those around me about wanting a miniature version of my townhouse for my next birthday without seeming like a total weirdo…

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