Mindy Kaling Shared the First Photo of Her Son in Honor of His First Birthday

She also shared her sweet nickname for him.

Time flies! Mindy Kaling‘s son, Spencer, is already a year old and, in honor of the occasion, she shared the very first picture of him to Instagram on September 6th (a moment that fans have been waiting for since last October).

The photo shows Spencer with his back to the camera as he reaches toward a massive string of celebratory balloons. In the caption, Kaling shared that Spencer is already super close with his older sister, Katherine (“Kit”).

“Friday was my son Spencer’s first birthday. My daughter Kit is pretty cautious with new people. Not this guy. If you happen to make eye contact with Spencer, he lights up like you are old war buddies and he makes a beeline to you,” Kaling captioned the photo. “I had Spencer during Covid and it was a strange isolated time, but the instant I saw him I knew he would make everything better. And he did! Happy Birthday, Spike!”

We love the nickname.

Kaling has explained in the past that she’s made a conscious decision to not show either of her children’s faces on social media for a totally understandable reason.

“I’m on social media and like sharing with people what my interests are and how my day’s going and all of that, but I do feel entitled to have privacy about my daughter and my relationships,” Kaling said during a 2019 interview with Glamour. “It’s really essential to my life that there be something not everybody knows about. That’s a boundary, but it’s a very small boundary. Everything else I really don’t have any issue sharing.”

In fact, Kaling didn’t even share news of Spencer’s birth until a month after he arrived. During an October appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, she revealed the news for the first time. “I’m telling it for the first time now; it feels so strange…But I gave birth to a baby boy on September 3,” she told Colbert. 

Several days later, Kaling wrote an Instagram post thanking fans for their well wishes and discussing what it was like to be pregnant during a pandemic. “Being pregnant during the pandemic was a little scary, but it made me appreciate all the doctors, nurses and medical professionals who continue to work tirelessly giving treatment to those who need it, putting their own lives at risk,” she wrote, adding, “I’m outnumbered now.”

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