Mindy Kaling celebrated July 4th like true American royalty – at a McDonalds

As if we already didn’t want to spend our holidays (and, like, every day) with Mindy Kaling, her Fourth of July post was probably one of the most epic patriotic posts all weekend. At first it seems like just some beautiful fireworks in the sky until you realize just how magically she has it framed.

Pausing from surely another busy day (because badasses like Mindy don’t take days off, especially when a new season of The Mindy Project is soon on its way), she stopped to perfectly frame some fireworks she saw from her car (which we can see a little in the video’s reflection). Then, for just a few seconds, we get to see some beautiful fireworks exploding in the sky… right between the posts of a McDonald’s Drive-Thru.

Because there is nothing more American than some fireworks and McDonald’s Drive-Thru on July fourth. And her emoji caption of “?” only adds to the subtle hilariousness of the post that makes the whole thing so completely Mindy.

Leave it to this wonderfully entertaining woman to make something already impressive (seeing flashy fireworks) and turn it into something totally clever that makes us crack up. Next time we get Drive-Thru at McDonald’s we’ll feel a little more patriotic and a little closer to you. Or at least being more like you. Either way, we’re happy.