Mindy Kaling posted a pic from the doctor’s office that has us worried about her

Mindy Kaling might play a doctor on TV, but her real-life health scare is freaking us out! After posting a picture at the doctor’s office, the 37-year-old actress has us worried about her.

On Saturday morning, The Mindy Project star and creator, rushed to the hospital after having eye issues. At first the photo she posted on Instagram seemed like a joke that Dr. Mindy Lahiri would play on her OBGYN friends, but when we took a second look at the pic, it was clear that this was no joke.

Kaling shared a close-up selfie of her eye in the wee hours of the morning, clearly after sitting at the hospital for a while. She was wearing a sweatshirt and covering her right eye with a giant bandage and to say we were worried would be an understatement.

"Two eyes are overrated. #imfine #cornealabrasion #thatERlife #mindyrighteyekaling," Kaling captioned the scary photo.

The comedian later revealed that she was at Cedars Sinai’s ER in Los Angeles, California and that thanks to the great staff her eye would be okay. Kaling had a corneal abrasion, which is a scratch on her eye, and had to quickly tend to it, but she is all good now, according to her Twitter page.

We understand that Kaling is used to dealing with medical issues and hospital speak, because of her show — which returns to Hulu on October 4 — but we were definitely panicking for a little bit. Fingers crossed the actress is healing quickly!

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