This is the quirky way Mindy Kaling copes when she has to make a really hard decision

Mindy Kaling is one of our favorite people. When are we not binge-watching The Mindy Project, reading one of her two hilarious books, checking out re-runs of The Office just to reunite with our TV BFF Kelly Kapoor, or reading/watching any interview she does? In my case, it’s pretty much only when I’m sleeping or showering—and the latter is only because I’m not rich enough to have installed a TV in my shower. And tonight, Kaling—who voiced the sassy Disgust in Inside Out—looks absolutely stunning at the Oscars in a black-and-blue Elizabeth Kennedy gown.

But perhaps even more attention-grabbing than her look on the red carpet (or when she jokes about it only having taken her 15 minutes to get ready before quickly clarifying that she’s actually been at it for 72 hours and is pretty vain but not “Maleficent” vain) is what she says when Ryan Seacrest asks her what the one comfort from home she brings to her sets.

“I have a pillow that has the words ‘Ask Dad’ on it that I bring with me wherever I am,” Kaling responded immediately. “It just means that, you know, I have to make so many decisions when you’re a show runner. And sometimes when it’s a hard, emotional decision, I just look at the pillow and I’m like, ‘Oh, I’ll call my dad.’”

We can’t help “aww”-ing at Kaling’s answer, even though it’s not all that surprising. In interviews and in her books, she has made it very clear that her parents raised her super well and have been a huge source of inspiration for her to both work hard and follow her dreams. We’re also pretty sure at least one of them has a great sense of humor.

Inside Out is nominated for two Academy Awards: Best Original Screenplay and, of course, Best Animated Feature. We’re rooting for Kaling and all the cast and crew involved!

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