Mindy Kaling is wonderfully terrible at starting celebrity feuds

Mindy Kaling is taking off her gloves and she is ready to FIGHT. Even though she’s got a TV show and a brand new book on the way (both which will drop on Tuesday, remember) she feels like she hasn’t made it in Hollywood yet. For Kaling, being one of the funniest and most loved women on the planet isn’t enough for her right now. To fill a growing void in her life, she’s looking to start a big, wild, social media feud with someone. Only then will she feel like she’s finally made it.

Stopping by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Friday, Kaling explained she wants a feud with someone. Kimmel totally feels for her, and kindly asks, “Is there someone you want to start a feud with?”

Kaling’s response: “Oh I don’t care, I’ll attack anyone.”

Kimmel wants to help Kaling feel like she’s “made it made it,” and feeds her a few celebrities to feud with. However, Kaling is too way too sweet and polite to ever start a feud, even though she’s trying really hard at it. She first attacks Taylor Swift, with what is probably the nicest attempt at a callout in the history of ever. “Her hair is probably not as soft and luxurious as it looks. Burn.” Okay, so there’s probably not a feud with Taylor Swift brewing in Kaling’s future. What about another celebrity? What about a celeb couple, like Kimye. Kaling tried her hardest, but she’s got nothing but glowing praise to say about Kim and Kanye as parents.

In the end, though, Kaling does manage to insult one person: Kimmel. She drops the worst burn ever on him, “YOUR FACE.” Ouch, Kaling. Those are fighting words. Check out the beginning of their feud below, and let’s hope that one day Kaling’s dreams come true, and she gets the real feud she wants.


(Image via YouTube.)

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