Mindy Kaling celebrated her birthday with the “Mindy Project” team and it was PERFECTION

To say that Mindy Kaling is giving us birthday envy might be the biggest understatement of the year. Mindy celebrated her 37th birthday on June 24th and she has been doing it in the most perfect way.

Sure, there wasn’t a lot of wild partying or questionable shenanigans (as far as we know), but celebrating a birthday week Mindy-style is the way to go. Apparently, Mindy was traveling on her actual birthday, so the celebration had to last a little longer to maximize the fun.

Even though her birthday was days ago, the party lasted all week. For one, Mindy is all of us when it comes to birthday cake. The funny lady not only had cake on her actual birthday, but had two, yes TWO, kinds of cake to celebrate her big day.

Furthermore, she knows how to get down with the low-key bday festivities. Checkout Mindy and her Mindy Project coworkers watching a movie and enjoying a buffet of snacks and goodies. Mindy chose to watch Huntsman: Winter’s War with her squad, but confesses in the caption, “I already asked a million questions and it’s been four minutes.”

She also took to Twitter to commemorate the day, making US laugh on her special day. She used her signature sense of humor to answer questions about her gifts: false

To make Miss Piggy jealous: false

And to solicit her celebrity crush for… well… you know: false

Happy birthday, Mindy! Never stop celebrating.

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