Mindy Kaling is the latest celeb to post a gloriously real acne cream selfie

We’re all for celebs being totally real on social media. After all, we see so many airbrushed, Photoshopped images that it can be difficult to know what’s real and what’s not anymore; however, when stars we see on the covers of magazines bare it all and show us what they look like without the makeup, they are breaking down the unattainable, unhealthy beauty standards manufactured by modern media.

Many celebrities have been posting makeup-free selfies as a way to remind their followers to love themselves. . . exactly how they are. Take Tyra Banks, who posted a picture of herself sans makeup, pulling a funny face earlier this summer. There’s also Miranda Lambert, who stepped it up a notch in April by doing a makeup-free photo shoot for People, and Julia Roberts, who went makeup-free for Givenchy.

While all of these examples were fabulous ways to highlight self-love, recently, we’ve been thinking about the kind of selfie that takes it one step farther than no-makeup pics: acne cream selfies. That’s exactly what the amazing Mindy Kaling posted just a few hours ago on her Instagram page: two side-by-side snapshots of her beautiful face, dotted with acne cream. “That zit cream in your 30’s life,” she wrote. “At least I’m not going on the Tonight Show later today.” (Spoiler, ICYWW: She is.)

Of course, this isn’t a shocking thing for Mindy to do, after the countless number of times she’s promoted loving yourself just how you are, body confidence, and keeping it real in a “picture-perfect” Hollywood realm. And now she’s doing it again, all while being her usual hilarious self.

By showing her face with acne cream, Mindy’s not just sharing a funny, relatable snapshot of herself, but telling her followers that it’s perfectly OK to have blemishes and acne — that even the famous people plastered on your television screens and magazines struggle with blemishes and zits, and yes, even in their 30s. It’s less about being perfect without makeup and more about making it feel OK to be imperfect without makeup — and that’s exactly why we love acne cream selfies so much.

Mindy’s not the only one to share one of these ultra-real shots. In fact, Lorde shared a selfie almost two years ago with the caption “in bed in [P]aris with my acne cream on.”

It may seem like a small action, but it’s a major way to make us all feel better about our own skin in an airbrushed world. Thank you, Mindy and Lorde, for always keeping it real. All hail the acne cream selfie.

(Images via Instagram.)

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