People are going nuts for these mind-blowing milkshakes

Have you ever looked at a milkshake and though Gee, I wish there was a lollipop or maybe an entire slice of birthday cake as a garnish, we have really, really good news for you! Following in the steps of Willy Wonka-level milkshakes at Australian cafe Patissez, which blew up the internet last year, New York City has gotten a Frankenstein’s monster milkshake of its own.

At Black Tap Craft Burgers and Beer, a restaurant with two locations in Manhattan, the milkshakes have grown to epic proportions. And no surprise: social media is going gaga for the things. Just look at this bad boy:

That right there is the sweet and salty, and it’s the milkshake of our dreams. But just when you thought you had seen milkshake heaven, here comes this Cotton Candy number, complete with rock candy sticks and a lollipop that looks like a meal all on its own.

Black Tap started selling these super-deluxe milkshakes back in November, when owner Jim Isidori was working to satisfy his wife’s sweet tooth.

“One day my wife wanted me to make her a cotton candy milkshake, so I whipped something up, put it on Instagram and the rest is history,” he told ABC News.

The milkshakes go for $15 each. Or, if you’d rather something a bit more conservative, you can have a traditional milkshake for $7. But where’s the fun in that?

If you’ll excuse us, we have some dessert to eat.

(Images via @blacktapnyc Instagram)