Milo Ventimiglia wants fans to be open-minded about this important “This Is Us” character

Even though it’s Valentine’s Day, our dates will have to realize that our weekly viewing of This Is Us will need to be scheduled somewhere in the midst of the chocolate and romance — especially after hearing this. Milo Ventimiglia chatted about This Is Us character Miguel during the NAACP awards, and wants us to be a little easy on him. And uh — fans, knowing what we know, recognize that this is actually kind of a difficult task.

It was revealed very early on in the season (but, stop reading here if you haven’t started up on the show yet) that Mandy Moore’s character of Rebecca Pearson remarries in the future.

And who does she remarry? Husband Jack’s (Ventimiglia) best friend Miguel, played by Jon Huertas. What.

Sure, we don’t know the full story yet. But in Ventimiglia’s eyes, it’s pretty good.

"Miguel is aces," he said to E! News at the NAACP awards. "First of all, I think we've got to remember Miguel is Jack's best friend, so already, if you love Jack, you should love Miguel."

Hmm. We really want to trust him, especially since Ventimiglia is truly putting his all into the character of Jack. (Seriously, we thought he was great as Jess on Gilmore Girls, but his performance here is next level.) But the fact that the kids have all had a lukewarm reaction to Miguel has really made us think.

We’re curious to see what this possible turn of events may be that makes Miguel slightly more heroic. All we know is that we can’t get enough of this show, and will be faithfully watching every week!

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