Milo Ventimiglia suggests Jess is not “Team Rory” and it is time to freak the F out

Team Jess is life, and life is Team Jess. That’s just the way it is.


With the upcoming Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix, and the news that ALL of Rory Gilmore’s former flames are returning (Dean and Logan, included) it’s hard not to think about what team will ultimately win, you know? We’ve been discussing Rory Gilmore’s love life for almost two decades. We’re really invested in this. We’re also really invested in making sure that Rory makes the right choice for her, and her future — whatever guy she chooses (IF she chooses a guy, because she doesn’t have to, she is an independent woman, you know).

And oooobviously, a majority of the world’s population is leaning towards Team Jess. Milo Ventimiglia is right now confirmed to be in three out of the four new Gilmore Girls episodes, so his chances are looking pretty good. Start prepping all the Team Jess paraphernalia, friends!

Except…Ventimiglia wants us to think about the fact that Jess might not actually be TEAM RORY.

Yes. Does it suddenly feel like the walls are closing in around you?

“Everyone’s like ‘I’m Team Jess!’ and I’m like ‘Cool, that’s great! But do you really think Jess is Team Rory?‘” Ventimiglia told the crowd at the recent Hero and Villian’s Fan Fest. He then paused for a second, before adding, “I literally just thought about that. I’ve never thought about that before, and I literally just thought of that.”

First up, how dare you.

And second, oh god, now we’re thinking about that too. Relationships are a two-way street, and while we might be TEAM JESS 4EVA, with Rory feeling the same way, Jess’ feelings might not be mutual. His comment, clearly in jest, might have a hidden meaning to it. Just even joking about the fact that Jess isn’t Team Rory could spell out Trouble with a capital T for our favorite Stars Hollow couple…and mean they might not live happily ever after, like we’re hoping and praying that they do.   

Even though this is ROCKING OUR WORLD TO ITS CORE, we’re firmly Team Jess. Team Jess forever.

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