Yeah cool, Milo Ventimiglia shaved for “This Is Us” — but could it also be for “Gilmore Girls?”

It’s been something like, idk, two-ish months since I started my last Gilmore Girls rumor, and I’m due for another one. So, here goes: Earlier today it was revealed that Milo Ventimiglia is now clean-shaven and filming the last four episodes of This Is Us. But what happens if he’s also doing this for GILMORE GIRLS???

It has been 77 days since Gilmore Girls hit Netflix — not that I’m counting. Gilmore Girls has still not been renewed, not that this is a thing that’s keeping me up at night (actually, it is. Earlier this week, both The OA and Trollhunters were renewed. The OA has been out for 56 days, and Trollhunters for 49, so like COME ON). Depending on who you talk to, and how they’re feeling, it either comes across that everyone is eager to make more Gilmore Girls, or it really is done and over with.

Just last week, Milo mentioned that fans shouldn’t get “greedy” when it comes to more episodes. However, we are still going to hold out hope.

And that brings us to the fact that Milo has recently shaved to show us an “earlier” version of Jack on NBC’s This Is Us.


This is cool, and fine, and honestly wonderful (because we’ll take Milo however he wants to shave) but let’s speculate that it’s not just for This Is Us. While Jess wasn’t exactly clean shaven for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, he wasn’t sporting a full beard, either. This new clean shaven look — while yes, once again, is for This Is Us — is way more Jess than it is Jack.


This Is Us is getting ready to wrap filming for the season, which means that Milo’s suddenly going to have a bunch of free time on his hands. This is right around the same time that Gilmore Girls filmed A Year in the Life last year.

IDK friends, IDK. The Gilmore Girls Twitter handle has been SUSPICIOUSLY quiet for the last few weeks, and the fact that no one is outright talking at length about a Season 2 makes me think that a Season 2 is in fact happening. No one has come out and said that it’s completely off the table. So might Milo’s lack of facial hair have just confirmed it?

Or is this just another really good Gilmore Girls rumor? YOU DECIDE.

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