Milo Ventimiglia played a jock on “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” back in the ’90s, and it’s perfect

Long before he was the sweet, dedicated, impossibly buff father of the Big Three on This Is Us — long before he was Rory Gilmore’s well-meaning “bad boy” boyfriend or even the ~ sensitive ~ Peter Petrelli on HeroesMilo Ventimiglia tackled his most intimidating, complex role to date: as “Letterman,” a classmate of Sabrina Spellman’s and noted meatloaf-hater on Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

On the October 18th, 1996 episode of the beloved ’90s series, “Terrible Things,” Ventimiglia’s character was faced with a conundrum: should he vote for the brainy Jennifer “Jenny” Kelley for class president, or popular girl Libby Chessler?

On the one hand, Kelley was offering smaller classes and more funding for the arts … but on the other, Libby was offering more pizza at lunch.

Let’s see for ourselves what he decided:


In the end Jenny won the election due to Sabrina’s powers, landing the titular character in trouble with the Witches’ Council.

But the important thing here is that Ventimiglia — sorry, “Letterman” — exercised his right as a citizen. Even if we don’t agree with his issues of choice, we are grateful to Letterman for being an informed voter … and for the internet for reminding us of those times the celebrities we love today played embarrassing roles on old sitcoms back in the day.