Milo Ventimiglia recalled the powerful “This Is Us” fan encounter that left him in tears

We can imagine that working on a show like This Is Us must be quite emotional. In fact, Milo Ventimiglia shared an IRL fan encounter story that is not only hitting us right in the feels, but also has us reaching for tissues.

The actor, who plays Jack on the show, was speaking at the ATX TV Festival about the This Is Us moments that make him cry (apparently, unlike us, he doesn’t cry at every moment on the show). He admitted that while there are millions of emotional moments, the storylines that hit him hardest were William’s death and Kate’s breakthrough at weight loss camp.

Yet it was the fans, he said, that made him the most emotional. As E! News reports, the actor recounted one specific encounter that really affected him.

Recalling a trip to Berlin with Chrissy Metz, Ventimiglia said that a woman approached to thank him, saying, “My husband and I adopted a boy and my husband had a really hard time with him.”

Continuing, the woman reportedly showed him some pictures of her family, adding, “I just want to thank you for your portrayal.”

"I'm really trying to keep myself together," the actor said. "We introduce ourselves and she just kind of walks away."

Tbh, the show’s impact on so many people’s lives is a testament to the writing and the performances of the cast. It’s understandable, then, why NBC has renewed it for not one but two more seasons. However, we’re sure that it must be pretty incredible and emotional to hear how your work has impacted fans, which is why we’re not surprised that Ventimiglia became emotional at this encounter.

Of course, when This Is Us returns, we’ll probably get to know more about Jack’s death and the impact that it had on the family. For now, we’re going to have to just spend our time skulking around the web theorizing about what could have gone down.

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