Milo Ventimiglia quit Instagram for the most Jess Mariano reason ever

This Is Us and Gilmore Girls star Milo Ventimiglia shared the reason why he quite Instagram, and it made us love him even more. The heartthrob signed off forever because Instagram became less about artistry, and more about his his fame. And because he’s Jess Mariano IRL, he needed to protect his art in the most moody and mysterious way possible.

In a recent interview, Milo dove deeper into what led up to his Instagram exit — revealing some things we didn’t know about the star. For one, he’s a photography enthusiast. And pretty serious about it, too.

Who knew that the Gilmore Girls alum was this serious about his Instagram feed?

Milo broke down his reasoning for pulling a disappearing act, saying:

"It started as a place [for] a collective group of photographers and artists to share their work, and their lives. And at a certain point — after doing it for three years — I saw it change. Nobody was looking at the photos. They were asking me about my acting jobs."

“It felt like it lost what I’d grown to love about it as a photographer,” he continued.

As for his last post on the site? Milo considers it to be the final piece to the capsule of work he spent three years perfecting.

Milo wanted to end his Instagram feed at exactly 1,200 photos. But he currently has 1,199 photos because the site removed one of the images because it was “offensive.” Which could totally be a good thing for fans! Because if the actor wants to hit that coveted round number, he’ll need to make a comeback.

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