Milo Ventimiglia just explained why Jess from “Gilmore Girls” would not use Tinder, even in 2016

Ah, the early 2000s. A time when Gilmore Girls was still on the air and people like Rory and Jess fell in love without the assistance of dating apps.

With the next installment of Gilmore Girls slated to launch on Netflix this year (likely in December, according to Lauren Graham!), one can’t help but wonder, would Rory have met Dean via Bumble? Perhaps she would have met Logan through friends of friends on Hinge? Or swiped right on a Tinder binge to stumble upon Jess?

Milo Ventimiglia would beg to differ, at least in regards to his character, Jess.

“I think Jess was a little too old-school [for a dating app],” Ventimiglia told MTV News at the Tribeca Film Festival on Thursday. “Not old-fashioned like in [a] chivalrous, lay-a-coat-over-a-puddle kind of way, but old-school in that he never struck me as the guy who’s dependent on a phone. He was analog, he wasn’t digital.”

As a the bookish bad boy of Gilmore Girls, Ventimiglia said he’s sure that a 2016 Jess would have met his beau organically, at the library, bookstore or “just purely coincidence on the streets.”

And, because you all want to know, Ventimiglia is Team Dean, because he thinks Jared Padalecki is “the greatest guy in the world,” he told MTV.

He also seems to be pretty chummy with fellow castmates Scott Patterson and Sean Gunn, who play Luke and Kirk, respectively, in this picture he shared via Twitter earlier this week.

Keep the set photos coming, please!

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