Milo Ventimiglia really does not want us to be Team Jess on “Gilmore Girls,” and to that we say NEVER

I’m Team Jess, you’re Team Jess, your friends are Team Jess, your sister(s) are Team Jess, you’ve explained to your significant other that they need to be Team Jess, and you’ve somehow managed to convince extended family members to join Team Jess, too. But know who’s not Team Jess? Jess himself. Milo Ventimiglia is once again suggesting that we need to stop rooting for Jess and Rory during Gilmore Girls, and we have one word for him:


In a new interview with Elle, everyone’s favorite Rory Gilmore boyfriend once again brings up the fact that no one is asking if Jess is Team Rory.

“I was at a Comic Con one time and somebody asked me what team I was [on],” Milo explains. “I said ‘you know, put that to the side…did people ever consider that if Jess is Team Rory?’ Maybe not, she broke his heart twice.”

Ugh, stop Milo, our own hearts can’t take this. But, he does offer up some sweet words about Jess and Rory together (and it gives us the tiny sliver of hope).

“I think he’s on her side because he cares about her but everybody is dying for them to be together and it’s like it didn’t work. Why force anything?”

Milo further explains that he’s not really on anyone’s team — Dean or Logan — and instead he “just [loves] love.”

“You know, I try to stay out of that quarrel. I really do. I don’t even like the moniker of having different teams. People ask me my football team and I say like ‘I love the NFL.’ I just love love.”

Okay, okay, fine. Milo is a big fan of love, regardless of what ~Team~ wins Rory’s heart in the end (IF ANY). And Milo is actually a big fan of Jess as a person, citing, “I think who he turned out to be at the end of the run of his… he tried to be a decent guy and I always appreciated that. For all of his tomfoolery and goofing off. Entertainment in the expense of someone else – he turned out to be a good guy and I just always liked that. I thought that’s nice.”

And hold up, for how great Milo makes Jess sound, how are we NOT supposed to root for him??

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