Rest easy, Milo Ventimiglia also cried a bunch during last night’s “This Is Us”

Spoilers ahead for this week’s episode of This Is Us, “The Game Plan.” What started off as a fun and happy episode quickly took a turn to FeelsVille (population, all of us), when we finally learned what happens to Jack in the future on the show. Go ahead and grab a whole lot of tissues, because Jack himself (aka, Milo Ventimiglia) is reflecting on the episode, and crying right along with us.

Talking to Entertainment Weekly after the episode, Milo confessed that he cried three times, and overall gives the episode a rating of “five tissue boxes.”

However, the moment that got the waterworks really going for him wasn’t learning about Jack’s passing. Instead, the first time he cried was the moment between Randall and his wife, Beth, on the bathroom floor of the hotel.

“Just understanding how their lives are about to change and how they’re actually accepting it. It goes back to that real accepting of what’s put in your path and what you chose to do with that acceptance. It was Kate and Toby, when Kate is talking about how she used to watch the game with her family. It was the very end, when it was going through the memory of the kids and Kevin’s speech.”

Big question: Did you cry more or less times than Milo?

Though we as viewers still don’t know know how/when Jack passed, Milo has all those secrets, and he’s not sharing them, understandably.

“When [series creator] Dan Fogelmantold me, he goes, ‘Yeah, Jack dies.’ He of course told me when — I know when it all happens — but he said, ‘But it doesn’t mean you’re not on the show, Milo. You’re still here, but what we want to do is explore that idea of when the lessons of the parent stop. When you have given all you can to those kids and they move forward in life of their own making.’”

Milo also really loves how we learn that Jack has passed, and that it’s a perfect moment that show just how strong this family is, even without their dad around.

"How [the passing of Jack] came up...that it was just going to be through Kate and football and that connection — it was a surprise to me, but an exciting surprise. It reflects on how much Jack meant to his kids, how impactful he was on his children, and even in death he still is a positive impact on them."

OMG, sorry for any fresh new tears you’re shedding right now. So crazy that This Is Us has the highest episode cry rate EVER.

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