Millie Bobby Brown from “Stranger Things” has a killer right hook, and she makes us want to punch stuff

Millie Bobby Brown is our new favorite 12-year-old after her awesome role as Eleven in Stranger Things. We love her adorable cute hair and her spunky attitude, but now we love her even more, because we just learned that Millie knows how to fight (and not just with her ~mind~).

Millie trains in the boxing ring, and it’s awesome!

Check out those reflexes! And that footwork! She is totally floating like a butterfly in those fabulous billowy shorts and off-the-shoulder top. And stay out of the way of her jabs, because those things are fierce.

And she even competes as a boxer!

It took us way longer than the age of 12 to learn how important good fitness was in our lives, and how awesome it is to feel powerful and strong. Watching her fight is really getting us pumped to go punch something or fight off an army of monsters.

Awesome work, Millie! Keep on punching!