Millie Bobby Brown just shared the cutest throwback video of her singing for her birthday

The adorable cast of Stranger Things has been thrust into the limelight. Because of the show’s growing popularity, each child actor is a household name. Lucky for us fans, Millie Bobby Brown just shared the cutest throwback video of her singing for her 13th birthday! While the show will not be back until Halloween, this will help us with the wait.

Despite the fact that Millie plays a rather shy character, her real-life personality shines. She recorded herself singing six years ago, according to her video caption. Nevertheless, she sounds amazing and very professional while singing. We should have expected that from someone who had to return from Upside Down multiple times.

Taking on Jessie J at such a young age isn’t easy! If those are her pipes at seven, just imagine how great she’ll sound later. Can we dare imagine a Broadway career for her? In addition, this is just one of the videos that Millie recorded of herself. There is a whole treasure trove of gems on her laptop. Lucky for us, Millie Bobby Brown also has a YouTube channel, featuring her singing hits from Adele and others.

As shown above, Millie just gets better with age! Taking on the great Adele is never easy, but she somehow manages to nail it. And if you want to feel all the feelings, you can check out her singing “Hallelujah.”

You even see when she gets cast to play Eleven in Stranger Things.

Her hair is gone! She had no idea that she will become a huge star, which makes it so much better for us watching it in 2017. Thank you to Millie Bobby Brown for sharing the cutest throwback video on her birthday. We will patiently wait for the return of Stranger Things. You keep singing! Also, do you take requests?