Millie Bobby Brown shared her best beauty advice, and we wish we were this wise at 13

If we’re being totally honest, getting our makeup routines down pat is something that’s taken practice and creativity, and it’s still evolving. We just heard that Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown gave beauty tips in an adorable Insta Story, and we don’t mind receiving wisdom from a newly signed IMG model.

And yes, we know she’s only 13. But she’s also a certifiable celeb who’s spent countless hours with makeup artists and stylist and has undoubtedly picked up a thing or two. So basically, WE TRUST HER.


In the video, Brown emphasized that less is more when it comes to makeup, and used affordable products for a natural look; primer, mascara, eyeshadow, highlighter, and a dash of lipgloss — and that was it!

And she then dropped this handy tip when she was almost done:

"You can thin your nose out a bit [with contouring]," adding, "although, I wouldn’t."

Okay, so while we admittedly love contouring, we also love the gentle reminder that we never, ever should feel like we “need it.” Because faces are unique — and that’s beautiful.

"A lot of these products I’m using are affordable," Brown said in the video. "Before I made it…I used to go to the dollar store for my makeup!"

FYI the dollar store can have good stuff to keep in your pocket or purse, like lip balm and basic concealer. No need to get fancy.

And the finished product is beautiful.


Damn, this girl is killing it right now; from modeling and being the face of Calvin Klein by Appointment (and becoming an all-round fashionista), to landing a role in Godzilla: King of the Monsters alongside Vera Farmiga, to always blowing our minds in Stranger Things, to impressing us with her boxing moves in the gym…we almost can’t keep up!

We’re here at every moment to scoop up your life hacks, Millie!