Millie Bobby Brown and Maddie Ziegler are each other’s dates to the 2017 Teen Choice Awards

Who needs a date when you can walk the red carpet with your bestie!

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown and her dancer BFF Maddie Ziegler were each other’s dates to the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night, and we love it.

We love these girls because they remind us of our teenage years when your best friend was your entire world. Teenage female friendships truly save lives.

Ziegler (Sia’s #1 dancer, to jog your memory) posted the sweetest Instagram caption about her pal Brown.

“Walking the carpet with my mills was the best thing ever. I love you so much,” Ziegler gushed about her bestie.

The love fest goes both ways, and we are truly wiping tears from our eyes over the love between the girls. Brown wrote on her Instagram:

“Sharing this night with you madds was magical. I love you so much! See you soon.”


The girls started as fans and quickly became friends.

Ziegler told People earlier this year,”[Brown] was a fan of the show, Dance Moms, and she came to one of the So You Think You Can Dance tapings: I get back to my dressing room after, and I hadn’t watched her show yet, so she was like fangirling, which is so funny!”

“And we actually connected. I was like, ‘I know we’ll be friends,'” Ziegler continued, “And then she was talking about her show. I didn’t really know what she was talking about. And then when I watched Stranger Things in a day and a half — it was so good! I’m so excited for Season 2. She’s so good. And then I just reached out, like, ‘Your show’s amazing.’ Then we just kept talking and became best friends.”

Truly the purest thing in all of Hollywood.

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