Millie Bobby Brown just celebrated a huge Instagram milestone, and it’s the perfect tribute to her alter ego

Everyone loves Millie Bobby Brown, enough so that she now has 11 million Instagram followers. That’s really no surprise, since we’ve all been obsessed with her since Stranger Things was first released on Netflix in 2016. We’re constantly wondering who Eleven would save from the Upside Down, so naturally, we want to know what Brown herself is up to.

There are tons of reasons to admire the 13-year-old actress and model. Even though she’s deaf in one year, she doesn’t let that stop her from singing her heart out. She totally crushed her Stranger Things audition, proving she was perfect for the role of Eleven. Brown also slayed the red carpet at the 2017 Emmys in a gorgeous ballerina gown, proving she has better style than most of us.

Brown celebrated her Instagram milestone like only Eleven could. The star received some gorgeous flowers from Don de Fleurs, and the roses spelled out her initials and the number 11 (see what they did there?). She shared a photo of herself lying on the floor in awe, surrounded by the bouquets and clearly excited about her 11 MILLIEon Instagram friends.

It’s kind of a surprise this hasn’t happened sooner, considering the popularity of the critically acclaimed Stranger Things.

Plus, Millie Bobby Brown is just absolutely adorable:

Brown’s Instagram feed is full of photos of her on the Stranger Things set. You can also see her killing it as a model, attending red carpet events, and just goofing off — as 13-year-olds do.

Keep doing you, girl.

We can’t wait to see what Brown does next. And we bet she’ll share it all with her 11 million Instagram followers.