Millie Bobby Brown channeled her inner Brooke Shields and recreated this iconic Calvin Klein commercial from 1980

Stars, they’re just like us! It turns out that actress Millie Bobby Brown is just as obsessed with Brooke Shields as we are. Apparently bored on a Saturday afternoon, Brown recreated the supermodel’s iconic Calvin Klein Jeans ad.

Brown copied the 1980 CK commercial down to every last detail, from the pose to the outfit: dark jeans and a white top. She even repeated what Shields said: “Whenever I get some money I buy Calvins, and if there’s any left, I pay the rent.” Brown recited it with a few minor changes. We also love the adorable way she’s tallying up numbers in the beginning.

Here’s Brown’s Calvin Klein tribute:

“Channeling my inner @brookeshields on this fine Saturday #icon#legend #calvinklein1980,” she wrote in the caption. It’s not the most comfortable pose, but hey, she can handle it. After all, Brown’s workout routine is intense.

Now, let’s compare it to the original Brooke Shields version.

Pretty much the same, no?

It turns out Shields is also impressed, according to the comment she posted underneath Brown’s video.

"Obsessed! Love this @Milliebobbybrown #CKfamily xx," Shields wrote in the comments.

Brown was predictably stoked.

"@brookeshields so much to live up to #legend #icon," she wrote back enthusiastically.

Awww, we love the positive woman-to-woman support going on here.

Of course, the two women are friendly because they’re both part of the CK family. They sat together in the front row (with Paris Jackson, NBD) at the Calvin Klein New York Fashion Week runway show a few weeks ago.

Ah, the fabulous life of a supermodel.


Like Brown said, this video is legendary. In 1980, a series of Calvin Klein Jeans ads and commercials were shot by Richard Avendon. Perhaps the most famous — the one where Shields says, “You want to know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing.”— was banned by ABC and CBS for being too provocative. Ahh, we love the ’80s.

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