Millie Bobby Brown just confirmed who her “Stranger Things” BFF is and it’ll surprise you

If you’re a fan of Stranger Things, and really who isn’t at this point, then you know the kids are HELLA tight on the show, yeah?

Oh, and YOU KNOW, super cute.


And we can’t help but love the super-special Eleven, and her IRL alter ego Millie Bobby Brown. Obviously, on Stranger Things, Mike is totes in luuurv with her (can’t blame him) and our hearts totally broke when we realized he’d never get to take her to the Snow Ball (or WHO KNOWS… there’s always Season 2!).



But it turns out in real life, Eleven’s (Millie) BFF from Stranger Things is actually…


In this adorable congratulatory post, Millie says,

"Congratulations to my bestie! 💕 go watch the music video🎶 to LA devotee by panic! At the disco!"

Altogether now: Awwwwww. Sorry Mike! Looks like Eleven might end up going to the Snow Ball with Will. JK, JK, JK! Obviously the entire cast are super tight on the show, and TBH they probably consider each other their BFF’s for life.

And we would too.

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