Millie Bobby Brown aka Eleven from “Stranger Things” singing Amy Winehouse when she was 5 is *too* adorable

Like most of the world, we were totally gripped by Netflix’s eight-part series Stranger Things and it’s ’80s, Spielbergian nostaliga, and its multitude of film references. We’ve also fallen completely in love with the show’s actors, including childstar Millie Bobby Brown, who plays the enigmatic Eleven on the show.

We’ve already seen that Millie was willing to go to extreme lengths for the role when she shaved her head. We totally heart that she was inspired by her co-star, Winona Ryder, too.

Mille isn’t just an incredible actor, though.

Millie Bobby Brown can SANG.

The 12-year-old actor, who was born in Spain but lives in the UK, has a YouTube channel that’s full of lovely covers of songs, including Amy Winehouse, Beyoncé, and Adele.

Isn’t she just great?

While we’ve seen Millie perform a rendition of an Amy Winehouse song before, she’s now uploaded a #throwback video to her Instagram of her singing “Valerie” by the late singer and it’s AMAZING.

“It’s nearly Thursday so I am going to do a #throwbackthursday,” Millie wrote on Instagram. “love you Amy winehouse❤️ Millie Bobby brown, Age 5, Valerie! ??” 

Isn’t this just the darndest, cutest, and downright adorable thing you’ve, like, ever seen?

If Stranger Things comes back for a second season (and we bloomin’ hope it will), we really wanna see Eleven sing something, even if it is a creepy ’80s song that fits in with the aesthetic of the show. We can dream, right?