You can own a remote control Millennium Falcon drone and fangirl for days

How’d you like the fastest ship in the galaxy at your fingertips? If owning the Millennium Falcon has always been a dream of yours, it’s about to come true. Along with all the other fabulous and fangirl-worthy Star Wars merchandise rolled out for Force Friday, there’s a remote controlled Falcon drone out there, too. While you won’t be able to fit inside the cockpit, you’ll still be the captain of this ship for all spaceflight.

The li’l Falcon is about 1/10,000 the size of the real ship that made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parcels, and it has sadly never flown inside the Death Star to take down its shields. But! You can buy this little one yourself with your own hard-earned money.  You won’t even have to try and win it in a card game from Lando Calrissian.

It’s remote controlled, and flies with the use of four rotor fans concealed in the body. It’s also made out of foam, so it can take a few hits should you find yourselves in an asteroid field, trying to outrun TIE fighters, or space slugs. The Falcon also has a range of about 200 feet, and while that’s not blasting off into hyperspace, it is roughly half the size of a football field, which is pretty far.

Now, just imagine all the fun you’ll have piloting this thing in your backyard, where you can yell at others, “great, kid, don’t get cocky!” and then at that same kid yell, “great shot kid, that was one in a million!” And then inevitably when others tell you to take it down a few notches, you can yell back, “I KNOW.”

This just jumped right to the top of our holiday wish list, and you can find this magnificent flying toy wherever your favorite Star Wars things are sold — if they’re not already sold out. It’s geared for ages 8+, but let’s be real: We’re buying this for ourselves, and all the adults and children we know.

(Images via Disney.)