Disney is doing a really bad job hiding the Millennium Falcon from Google Maps

Disney and Lucasfilm are notoriously secretive when it comes to their top projects — especially the latest Star Wars films. But it turns out, even the Force is no match for the power of Google Maps, because we just learned something big about the Millennium Falcon.

Despite being just over a month away from release, The Last Jedi is still very much a mystery to fans.

With only a few trailers and merchandise to go on, fans have been taking cues from their favorite detectives to try and search for clues regarding the The Last Jedi. Josh Gad famously spent months trying to convince Daisy Ridley to drop a few hints and fans have been begging Mark Hamill to confirm fan theories on Twitter but the cast is saying *nothing* about the upcoming film.

Now, it seems Disney went to great lengths at Longcross Studios to conceal a *major* set-piece but Google Maps was able to capture the piece in its full glory — and Disney’s spectacular attempt at keeping it under wraps.

If you take a peek over at Google Maps, you can see an overview of the Millennium Falcon surrounded by shipping crates.


While this isn’t the first time Disney has been extra, this is definitely taking things up a notch.

As The Last Jedi trailers have explicitly shown the Falcon landing in Luke’s exile home as well as the famed ship heading into battle, we’re hoping the decoy crates are mostly to keep out unwanted pilots like Lando and not an actual attempt to conceal the ship’s involvement with the eighth episode of the beloved franchise.

Still, the idea of seeing the Millennium Falcon hidden by colorful shipping crates is definitely hilarious. Kevin Beaumont, who found the image on maps, seemed both surprised and amused to see the iconic ship hidden by such a silly disguise.

Regardless, Disney — you’re doing amazing, sweetie.

We’ll be able to see the ship in its full glory when The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15th.

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