This study proves that millennials really really really want to be famous

Popular stereotypes like to say that Millenials are known for being narcissistic, and, as much as we millenials might hate it, turns out there might be some truth to it. A recent study found that one out of four millenials would quit their current jobs to be famous, and, more shockingly, one out of every twelve would completely abandon their families to do so if necessary. Wow.

Clapit’s study, a social entertainment network, found that millenials are, as a whole, leaning away from traditional jobs and traditional life paths in favor of pursuing notoriety.

They explain:

One third of millennials (30%) reveal[ed] they would rather be famous than become a lawyer and almost one quarter (23%) would rather be famous than be a doctor...One in nine millennials would rather be famous than get married and one in six would forego having children for the possibility of fame.

One of the most concerning findings is that one in ten millenials would rather be famous than be a college graduate. Oof.

Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Clapit, Mary Jane Bulseco, said of the results in the report, “There’s no doubt that social media is making fame more desirable than ever before for today’s generation. Social media platforms have democratized the talent discovery process, allowing for people of all ages and talents to share their work with the world.”

So, not only is fame desirable from a financial perspective, but it’s also very easily accessible in theory.

Bulseco continues, “No longer do celebrities solely live on stages and movie screens, but they are born in their homes and are accessible to us in ours.”

Who doesn’t want to be able to make a ton of money from home? Understandable.

As much as we support everyone living their best lives, we need more lawyers, doctors, and scientists out there. Right? Let’s do this.

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