This new study shows how many millennials use read receipts

Read receipts are an incredibly divisive topic. Some people think they’re an amazing way for people to know when you’ve read a text. Others wonder why you’d want anyone to know when you read their texts! Now because of a recent study on millennials and texting, we know exactly how millennials fall on the use of this controversial tool.

Needless to say, everyone seems to have a strong opinion on this. Wattpada global multi-platform entertainment company, surveyed 1,000 people ages 16 to 34 about their texting habits. 

55% of millennials surveyed use read receipts.

This kind of makes sense to us. Innovations in technology that millennials favor (Snapchat, Instagram, etc.) are all about updating everyone on your day-to-day moments. Read receipts are really just an extension of that when you think about it. We also get that some people would like to know when a text is read if the person doesn’t have time to respond.

However, using read receipts does not mean that people who favor read receipts respond right away. On average, all teens and millennials surveyed reported waiting ten minutes to return a text. So if you’re wondering why someone hasn’t responded to you yet, chances are they’re probably just waiting until they feel like it’s the “right” time to respond.

Other weird findings from this survey are that a quarter of the 16, 17, and 18-year-olds surveyed text more than 100 times a day! But honestly, to anyone who is or knows a teen, that sounds about right. If you’re not texting about it, it didn’t happen.

47.2% of people surveyed admitted to texting from someone else’s phone and pretending to be them.

While there’s no word on whether they were doing this to answer a simple question with someone’s permission, or to pull some Gossip Girl type stunt, this is still pretty freaky.

Lastly, 90% of people have sent a text to the wrong person. Which is honestly very comforting if it has ever happened to you.