Millennials are sharing their favorite things about the ’90s on Twitter, and now we’re craving Dunkaroos

We love some solid nostalgia. If you grew up in the ’80s and ’90s, even at the time, you just knew there was something magical about those moments. ’90s TV shows were full of important life lessons and ’90s movies were instant classics. Even though smartphones and social media would be missed if we catapulted back to the ’90s, it might still be worth it.

And we are not alone in this nostalgia! Recently on Twitter, people have been sharing their favorite things about the decade with the hashtag #MyFavoriteThingsAboutThe90s. The responses really run the gamut, including ’90s fashion, food, TV shows, movies, toys — you name it. If you’re a millennial, or even if you just love everything about the ’90s, prepare for some serious nostalgia.

Let’s scroll through our childhoods and look at #MyFavoriteThingsAboutThe90s, shall we? We’ll start with these clear land line phones (that Clarissa Darling would absolutely approve of). How come tech companies never made a smartphone this cool?

Next we have Blockbuster, Discovery Zone, and the wonderful Goosebumps series.

Almost nothing beats a few hours in front of the television playing literally any game on Nintendo 64.


Except for maybe watching ’90s Nickelodeon shows.

Or spending your Saturday nights on the orange couch.

There were so many good scary movies in the ’90s.

Oh, and what about the music? The late ’90s was the height of boyband central, and it was glorious.

And let’s not forget the girl power.


Okay, the ’90s have nothing on today’s internet capabilities, but still. Remember logging onto AOL?


Oh, and remember Happy Meal toys? Getting one you loved felt like being on top of the world.

Raise your hand if you remember pogs.

Or if you miss disposable cameras. Free double prints on Wednesday, y’all!

Remember when every bottled drink resembled a lava lamp?

Shoutout to getting up early on purpose, not because your body can’t sleep in anymore!

Scrunchies were the most fashionable hair accessory.

Ah, the pre-texting form of texting.

Basically, we loved everything about the ’90s.

What was your favorite thing about the ’90s?

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