Here’s how much millennials make in each state

Times are tough for job-hunters — and millennials have really gotten the short end of the stick. Aside from battling a less-than-savory economy while paying off monumental student loans, young adults looking to get their feet wet face an incredibly competitive job market overflowing with qualified candidates.

And just how much are employed millennials actually making? As it turns out, not very much. Business Insider recently gathered up data from the Minnesota Population Center’s 2014 “American Community Survey” in the Integrated Public Use Microdata Series to find the median annual incomes of millennials across the states — and reported that they’re making far less than their parents were making at their age. Looking at data for people born between 1981 and 1997 (which they specified as the Pew Research Center’s range for millennials), they then converted the data into a handy map that shows how the states stack up.

The resulting salaries range from $18,000 (Montana) to $43,000 (Washington, D.C.), with a median of $22,290. As Business Insider points out, results could be skewed due to younger millennials who are just entering college age and might only be working part-time jobs — but nonetheless, the numbers definitely speak for themselves. (To put it into perspective, nowhere besides D.C. had a median millennial salary over $28,000.)

Check out the full state-by-state breakdown below, and how each state compares to the median salary for all adults over at Business Insider.

Alabama: $20,000 Alaska: $27,500 Arizona: $20,800 Arkansas: $20,000 California: $21,900 Colorado: $24,000 Connecticut: $23,300 Delaware: $25,000 District of Columbia: $43,000 Florida: $20,000 Georgia: $20,000 Hawaii: $25,900 Idaho: $19,000 Illinois: $23,000 Indiana: $20,000 Iowa: $23,000 Kansas: $21,000 Kentucky: $20,000 Louisiana: $22,000 Maine: $19,200 Maryland: $26,000 Massachusetts: $25,000 Michigan: $19,300 Minnesota: $24,000 Mississippi: $19,400 Missouri: $20,000 Montana: $18,000 Nebraska: $23,000 Nevada: $24,000 New Hampshire: $21,000 New Jersey: $25,000 New Mexico: $19,200 New York: $25,000 North Carolina: $20,000 North Dakota: $25,000 Ohio: $20,000 Oklahoma: $22,000 Oregon: $20,000 Pennsylvania: $23,400 Rhode Island: $20,000 South Carolina: $19,700 South Dakota: $21,000 Tennessee: $20,000 Texas: $22,000 Utah: $20,000 Vermont: $24,000 Virginia: $25,000 Washington: $24,000 West Virginia: $19,000 Wisconsin: $20,000 Wyoming: $24,400

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