UGH, a new study says millennials judge women who have had multiple sexual partners

Just when you thought we were *finally* at a place where we’re all more sex positive and non-judgmental about women’s sex lives, a new study has revealed that more than half of millennials judge women negatively for having had multiple sexual partners. Ugh.

The national study, by SKYN Condoms, asked nearly 4,000 sexually active millennials across the U.S. for detailed information about their sex lives to help highlight, clarify, and challenge many preconceived notions about the generation.

Is it just us, or are you also surprised that 54% of millennials “perceive women negatively for having multiple partners”?

More heartbreaking still is the fact that it’s women who are judging women the most. According to the survey, 61% of females look “poorly” on other women for having multiple sexual partners. This is NOT okay, everyone. A woman’s value should not be judged by her “magic number,” nor should we be bringing each other down for doing what we feel is right for our bodies.

These numbers only prove that as much as we believe women are sexually empowered and empowering one another to be ourselves, we still have a long way to go.

In a bit of (somewhat) better news, most women are “rarely to never” faking orgasms, and only 12% of females report faking orgasm “always” or “most of the time.” Though encouraging, this stat is another reminder that relationships, which include good, consensual sex, require communication, and that a man’s orgasm isn’t the ultimate goal — or finish line — of intercourse.

If you’re faking pleasure, you’re not only neglecting your needs, but you aren’t being honest with your partner. And if you can’t talk openly to your partner about your sexual needs, then maybe you need to change things up.

Good luck out there, team!

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