Millennial women care more about this political issue than ever before

People are engaging  with politics more locally and nationally, thanks to the political climate we find ourselves in today. While focus has been on freedom of the press or women’s rights, there are many areas to address. One issue is proving very engaging, particularly for millennial women: immigration.

Immigration control remains a main focus of the current administration. After the court defeat of an executive order, they continue to seek ways to make it harder for specific groups to enter our country. Regardless of views, millennial women’s knowledge and engagement on this issue is a great sign!

A media company called TheSkimm conducted a survey of their audience of millennial women to see where their focus is, politically. According to their article, “Skimm Studies Presents: Immigration Is Now A Top Issue For Millennial Women”:

"TheSkimm has a highly engaged audience of more than 5 million primarily female millennials across a suite of products, with a significant portion being between ages 22–35."

This makes their audience ideal for surveys about beliefs and actions right now.

The Findings…

According to their findings, immigration jumped from the 9th to the 3rd most important issue among millennial woman. This jump was based on two surveys: One just before the inauguration, and one shortly after Trump announced his executive order banning immigrants from seven countries.

Women are also engaged in the immigration debate with their wallets.

The survey showed companies like Lyft and Starbucks are surging with millennial women, based on their recent pro-immigration stances.  Those surveyed also view companies with an anti-immigrant reputation negatively. Many women surveyed even claim to have dropped brands based on their immigration views.

However, despite the increased level of engagement, it’s important to note that this was a relatively small sample. While this information can be a valuable insight into how millennials are reacting, it’s only one view. The most important thing for all of us to remember is that fact-checking is crucial to every political debate. Even those focused on immigration.