Sorry, millennial pink lovers — these two shades are the new “it” colors

By now, pretty much everyone is familiar with the rosy, pastel shade of pink deemed “millennial.” It’s everywhere, from Instagram feeds to Pinterest pins. We get it — it’s simultaneously eye-catching and endearing.

But by definition, trends are fleeting, and it’s time to welcome two new shades of popular colors into our design wheelhouses: Lilac and Gen-Z Yellow. Erika Woelfel, color expert for Behr Paint, predicts that these two new colors are poised to steal the spotlight in 2018. Here’s why…

Trending Hue: Lilac


Woelfel says in a press release:

"If you appreciated the soft femininity of Millennial Pink, you’ll love the latest on-the-rise pastel—lilac. This hue is a newer, bluer version of the blush we’ve seen been seeing everywhere for the past two years."

Woelfel also suggests that the best part of this pastel is its versatility. She suggests combining a lilac shade with cream, mint, or other pastels. (See Behr hues like Highland Thistle S110-4 or Graylac T18-03.) “I think we’ll be seeing variations of these dusted plum, amethyst-esque shades in entryways and living rooms. Lilac feels more grown-up than pink, and creates a welcoming and calm aura,” adds Woelfel.

Trending Hue: Gen-Z Yellow


Woelfel explains:

"Gen-Z is growing up — or, as they might say, “glowing up. In contrast to Millennials’ nostalgic pink, yellow represents vitality and ambition, traits we’re seeing in this upcoming generation of tastemakers. 

According to Woelfel, data shows that Behr customers have been leaning toward playful, optimistic yellows as of late. “These shades can add a strong sense of energy and positivity to your spaces,” she continues. (Try Behr shades Life Is Good T18-05 or Upbeat P300-5.) Wondering where to incorporate this color in your home? “A great place to try out yellow in your own home is in a typically not-so-lively space, like the laundry room,” Woelfel says.

BRB, gotta go repaint our millennial pink accent wall an inspiring shade of yellow. ?

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