These millennial pink donuts actually sound *kind of* healthy, and we’ll take a dozen, please

You know the old saying, “a millennial pink donut a day keeps the doctor away”? Well, no one’s ever actually said that — until now. The new millennial pink donuts at Crosstown Doughnuts in London have minimal ingredients, and while you might expect a pink donut to be a one-way ticket to unhealthy-ville, these confections aren’t actually that bad for you!

This is great news for food lovers, since there are so many fun donut trends to try. From unicorn donuts to sushi donuts, and who could forget iHop’s french toast donuts, it’s an exciting time to be alive. With all of these options, it would be easy to eat only donuts for the rest of your life, but sadly, that would be extremely unhealthy… Until the millennial pink donut, that is.

Crosstown Doughnuts’ pink donut doesn’t get its color from red dye 40, it’s actually au natural!

According to Seventeen, the special ingredient is a beetroot sourdough which gives the confection its *millennial* pink color. Don’t believe us? You can watch the pink treat get made on Crosstown’s Instagram.

Now that’s brand transparency.

The other ingredients in Crosstown Doughnuts’ trendy treat are pretty healthy, too.

The donut is made with a lemon-thyme glaze, as well as a vanilla bean crumble, topped with fresh lemon and thyme. Those are all pretty healthy and delicious ingredients. Quick, someone call Gwyneth, this needs to be a new GOOP venture.

Beets are proving to be one of the most convenient, multi-purpose vegetables.

While the Obamas used their executive powers in the White House to ban beets from its premises (both Barack and Michelle hate the red root!) many new burger purveyors have found a unique use for the maroon vegetable. Similarly to how Crosstown Doughnuts has made use of beets’ strong coloring, vegan burger brands like Beyond Burgers are using beet juice to create a bloody effect.

While it still doesn’t seem like anyone actually likes to eat beets on their own, they definitely do create colorful effects.

Is there anything more beautiful than millennial pink dough, though?

We think not. Hopefully these not-unhealthy pink donuts will make their way to the U.S. soon!