11 millennial lilac items you can buy on Amazon that will make you like your apartment more

Millennial pink may have ruled your Instagram feed last year, but spring is here, so it’s about time you gave your life an upgrade with the color of 2018: millennial lilac. The shade is a subdued, light purple with lavender vibes that will instantly make you feel more relaxed.

“I think we’ll be seeing variations of these dusted plum, amethyst-esque shades in entryways and living rooms,” Behr Paint Erika color expert Woelfel told HelloGiggles. “Lilac feels more grown-up than pink, and creates a welcoming and calm aura.”

We don’t know about you, but that description makes us want to break open some cans and start painting our walls!

Or, at least, re-decorate with a few millennial lilac items from Amazon, guaranteed to add a level of elegance and tranquility to our living space.

It is spring cleaning season, so if you’ve got a bit of extra cash on hand (hi, tax refund) you might want to treat yourself to a new rug or kitchen item. Given Amazon’s quick delivery deals and wide variety of products, the site is hands-down the place to start shopping for your new millennial lilac decor, and lucky for you, we already have a running list of essentials that we know will brighten up any room in your apartment. Go ahead and get to scrolling.

1. Insulated Wine Glasses ($15)


If you hate room temperature wine, you’re going to love this. You can now sip on your drink at an extra leisurely pace with this insulated wine glass that’s designed to keep your drink cold for up to nine hours.

2. NewGen Toaster ($320)


Before you judge the steep price tag, know this isn’t your average toaster. Beyond its good looks, this toaster features a sandwich cage that allows you to make the perfect grilled cheese.

3. Bed Sheet Set ($21 for a full)


Nothing beats that silky-soft new bed sheet feeling, and if you can get there by spending only $21 (for a full-size set), why not — right?! Waking up to that color every morning is undoubtedly the best way to start your day, too.

4. Safavieh Lilac Area Rug ($84)


Embrace the warm-weather season and bring warmth into your living space with this cozy rug. The best part will be sinking your feet into the furry material after a long work day.

5. KitchenAid Stand Mixer ($380)


For the bakers out there, this goes out to you. Treat yourself to this beautiful kitchen statement piece, and once you’ve set it all up, bake some lilac-frosted cookies to go along with it.

6. Can Sleeves ($7)


Holding a cold can is the worst, so do yourself a favor and buy a 12-pack of these cute drink “coolies.” They’re also blank, making them a great DIY activity for parties or a low-key night in.

7. Bathroom Rugs Set ($38)


Giving your bathroom a good spring refresh includes changing any mats and toilet seat covers you have in there. Make the space lighter and fresher by adding this charming rug set.

8. Yankee Candle Lavender Vanilla Tumbler Candle ($22)


Now that you’ve taken care of the appearance of your home, make sure it smells good, too. Not only does Yankee candle have an option that fits the color scheme, there’s no arguing that lavender and vanilla also make for the ultimate scent combination.

9. Bee House Ceramic Round Teapot ($25.20)


To fully embrace millennial lilac’s zen vibes, purchase a tea pot in the gorgeous hue. Once the temperatures get hotter, feel free to add ice after the tea has been mixed into the boiling water for a quick iced tea fix.

10. Plastic Silverware ($2) 


Host the prettiest party of the season with these single-use utensils.

11. Minimalist Ceramic Succulent Planter Pot ($20) 


Add color and freshness by planting herbs or succulents in this planter pot. Then place it on your windowsill, so the plants get sunlight and you have something beautiful to look at daily.

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