This gorgeous Milky Way time-lapse video was shot from the cockpit of a plane

Depending on where you live, you may or may not be able to glimpse our beautiful galaxy sparkling in the clear night sky. But just in case noise pollution ruins all your stargazing plans, here’s a gorgeous Milky Way time-lapse video that was shot from the cockpit of a plane. Other than looking out at the Milky Way from the International Space Station, we couldn’t think of a better spot for sky viewing, and we’re low key geeking out over the galactic footage.

In Sky Production’s Flightlapse, we’re treated to an incredible look at the super cool spiral galaxy in which we live.  According to the video description, the footage was shot by a longhaul pilot on a flight from Europe to South America.

In a blog about the magic of flying at night, the pilot describes the moment in his transatlantic journey where the aircraft passes over Algeria and the Sahara while heading towards the Milky Way.

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"Just as the bright city lights are vanishing behind us, the Milky way starts to become clearly visible up ahead. It's now us, pacing at almost the speed of sound along the invisible highway and the pitch-black night sky above this surreal landscape. Ahead of us are another eight hours flight time, but we already stopped counting the shooting stars. And we got already to a few hundred."

So, are we the only ones who got legitimate chills while watching this clip? It definitely counts as one of the most incredible galactic views we’ve ever seen.