The epic milkshake that’s taking over the Internet

The world’s most Instagram-able milkshakes are now a thing at a small café in Manuka, Canberra (that’s in Australia, in case you’re like me and a bit geographically challenged). Patissez, the seven-week old café, is every dessert-lover’s (and Instagrammer’s) dream — if said dessert lovers are into milkshakes bigger than their heads, that is. Customers have been lining up around the block to try their over-the-top “freakshakes”. Over-the-top because the milk and other dessert pieces flow way over the top of the milkshake glass — because that’s how ginormous and serious they are.

The size and girth of the intense milkshakes, along with the ridiculous amounts of cookies, brownies, whipped cream, pretzels, chocolate and marshmallows (etc, etc) placed on the top of the shakes are what makes them so unique (and delicious).

I mean, just look at these things:

With over 20,000 likes on Facebook and 18,000 on Instagram, it’s safe to say that the people of the Internet are just as into the milkshakes as the people who have actually tried them and loved them. The power of the photo of the milkshake, folks. Each shake goes for $9.50. So for less than ten dollars, you can have the milkshakiest milkshake of your life!

Obviously, the clamoring for Freakshows has gotten loud enough that Patissez’s staff posted this message on Facebook: “The Freakshow is becoming quite the Freakshow every day & yet again your patience & love for our products is sooooo freaking amazing.The wait for a table over the weekend can get quite extensive…With the shakes, a lot of love & care go into putting each one together so please be patient! We always make sure each one is perfect before we send it out. Finally…every element that goes in to each shake is house made (with exception to Mr. Nutella Pretzel) so there is a limit to how much we have each day & with how mad people are for them we sell out of most by the afternoon.” 

You’ve got to plan ahead if you want to get your hands on one of these guys (especially if you don’t live down under). But just look at them! Totally worth the extra effort.

But even if you never get your chance to gulp down a Freakshow, at least you can gaze at them in all their glory on Instagram. Here’s what it looks like to actually have one of these milkshakes sitting right in front of you.

Due to all the success and craziness of the store, Patissez will be opening a bigger store in Canberra in October. We want to go to there.


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(Featured images via Facebook and Instagram)

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