Milk Makeup is releasing a liquid highlighter pen that looks straight out of the ’90s

Milk Makeup is at the top of the strobe game, and their latest liquid highlighter pens look like a pearly ’90s fantasy!

Strobe it out with these versatile shimmer pens in three gorgeous shades. The sticks are actually rollerball pens that are, according to @trendmood1, long wear once they dry, and “powered by pearls.” Not sure if that means there are actually crushed pearls in the formula but we’ll find out soon!

You can apply them in much the same way as Milk’s holographic stick (check out our how-to) or just roll straight onto your face. Of course, the beauty of Milk’s products is how easy and low-maintenance they are. That and the genderless, makeup for everyone philosophy has cemented Milk Makeup’s place in our hearts (and Caboodles.)

From the account of @trendmood1, breaking the hottest makeup news on the regular!

This pen could just as easily been the thing Cher Horowitz knocked off of her desk to get the attention of her crush Christian in Clueless. (Pink fluffy pen for lyfe, though.)

We can totally see these in Cher’s mini backpack.

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The three shades are: Ultra Violet (looks white in the tube but goes on as an icy, unicorny purple), Aura, (a baby pink worthy of Regina George), and Beam (a warm, gilded goddess gold.) They’re perfect for the brow bone, cheek bone, or anywhere you’d usually lay down some highlighter. They’re not out yet but trust us, our faces are ready.

They’re coming out with more goodies this year, too! So keep your eyes peeled!

Coming soon to Milk Makeup’s site and Sephora for $24 each.

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