Milk Makeup is releasing something called a Blur Stick and we want it in our hands ASAP

Milk Makeup is releasing something called a Blur Stick and we want it in our hands ASAP!!!

Fans of the “high concept, low maintenance beauty essentials” brand know that Milk Makeup has the twist-up face stick game on lock. The line’s bronzer, highlighter, and holographic stick all come in the same portable, versatile format that makes adding a special something to your look super easy while you’re dashing out the door.

Makeup news Instagram account @trendmood1 broke us off with a little preview of the Blur Stick, and they’re really into it.

"You just apply it by itself or as a primer before applying your foundation and it blurs your imperfections and pores!!! And just tried it really quickly on half of my face to see if works and it's literally magic."

So…it’s basically an Instagram filter in a stick? Yes, please!

Anything to streamline our makeup (and selfie editing) routine is a good vibe. The Blur Stick is colorless, so like the other Milk sticks, it works well on all skin tones.

According to @trendmood1, the product is silicone-free, vegan, and anti-shine, which is perfect for oily skin. All Milk products are cruelty-free and come in 100 percent recycled packaging, as it should be, right?

Milk is the makeup brand for the busy hustler who values self-expression, doesn’t conform, and is always striving to live their best life…just check out the squad of beautiful people reppin’ the brand.

We’ll have to wait a little longer for the Blur Stick, which is apparently coming in January. (That’s in like, 3 days?!) There’s no price announced yet, but Milk Makeup’s face and skin products retail between $14 and $42 on their site and at Sephora.

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