This is the product that will give you space goddess eye makeup in a pinch

You know those days when you’re running late and head out the door without doing your eye makeup, and as you get into your car, you remember that you left your eyeliner on your kitchen counter, but it’s WAY too late to go back? I hate those days. I hate them even more when there is an event to go to later that evening and I don’t have time to go back home and properly do my face up. All I want is a lil’ shimmer on my eyeballs, you know?

I found a solution for when I want to do a glamorous eye look, but don’t have time to break out my go-to shadow palette: Milk Makeup’s Eye Pigment in Peep Show. This little tube of sparkly cream shadow is the answer to all of my time constraint woes. As with Milk’s other products, the Eye Pigment is meant to be applied without a brush, which means I can easily carry this baby in my purse and decorate my eyes in silver sparkle with it whenever I want! ::lets out yodel of happiness::


All you have to do is dab some of the product onto your eyelids with your fingertips and blend. A little goes a long way, but you can continue to layer on the pigment if you want to look like a supernova space babe on the most supreme level. Who doesn’t, BTW? If you want a glittery eyeliner look instead, apply it to your lash line instead of the whole lid.


The pigment currently comes in six colors, including a BEAUTIFUL emerald shade called Mermaid Green (I DIE!).

Milk Makeup Eye Pigment, $24

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