Milk Makeup is coming out with a new holographic stick, and it will make you feel like a martian

If your summer beauty look is “sexy Martian,” you need Milk Makeup’s new holographic stick.

Milk sure knows their way around a face stick. They’ve got makeup sticks (bronzer, highlighter, lip and cheek combo), skincare sticks (Hydrating Oil and Cooling Water), even a photo filter in stick form (Blur Stick). Perhaps their most popular cult classic is the Holographic Stick, a prismatic lavender highlighter straight from the cosmos. No literally, one of the ingredients is meteorite powder!

The existing holographic stick is a color named Supernova, and it’s about to be joined by a second shade, a lovely warm peachy pink called Mars.

The peachy holo stick, swatched.

Aaaah, it’s so pretty! Like many of the products from the low-maintenance, high-concept beauty line, Mars will be gorgeous on its own. Of course, any number of Milk’s eye pigment shades would add an extra level of interstellar chic.

Milk teased the product with this post on their Instagram account.

And this one…

Beauty influencer Trendmood got a sneak peek at the stick months ago, but we’ll have to wait another few weeks to buy it. Mars goes direct…ly to Milk’s website on May 2nd. We’re predicting it’ll be a cosmic event.

The original holo stick in action.

The various Milk Makeup face sticks range in price from $24 (Cooling Water, bronzers) to $36 for the Blur Stick. The original Holographic Stick goes for $28, so we’re guessing the Mars stick will, too. We’ll wait patiently here on Earth to find out.

Buy the Milk Makeup Holographic Stick online when it drops on May 2nd.

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