This extremely popular NYC dessert bar is headed for L.A.

About a year ago, I visited New York City for a week. I didn’t have much time to explore because I was there to work, but I made time for one thing. That thing was Milk Bar, the dessert bar that will change your life. I’m not being facetious—the company’s crack pie is one of those things that will make you say “oh my god” after your first bite.

And now, the popular chain is finally getting a true blue west coast location on none other than L.A.’s Melrose Ave. While Milk Bar is instantly synonymous with N.Y.C., the brand has actually opened stores across North America. D.C., Las Vegas, and Toronto already received Milk Bar blessings. The Los Angeles store location has been in the works for some time, but this is the first real confirmation that it’s happening.

So what else can you expect from Milk Bar? Well, there will certainly be these kinds of cake beauties, and probably some decadent soft serve ice cream:

Elegant cookies:

And much, much more sweetness:

Of course, I’m pleased that L.A. is getting a Milk Bar because, well, I live here. But for those of you who are still miles away from any other location, there are always these drool-worthy cookbooks by founder Christina Tosi. As for me, I’ll be counting the days until the Los Angeles location finally opens its confetti cookie doors.